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Incremental Development Award


The Incremental Development Award honors an individual or project team that has strengthened the community through small scale real estate development.

Incremental development celebrates small developers working within their own neighborhoods with a unique perspective on what their community wants and needs. Projects typically include small multifamily projects and commercial development/redevelopment dedicated to small businesses and community identified needs and services.


The Nominee(s) does not have to be a member of CREW Kansas City to be honored for this award.

Nominee(s) demonstrates passion and vision for investing in the future of neighborhoods in Kansas City that have been underdeveloped or neglected, including but not limited to: choose all that apply

  • Demonstrates viable alternatives to conventional large-scale real estate development

  • Demonstrates a connection and commitment to building a better ecosystem in Kansas City

  • Has built capacity for locals to reinvest in their own neighborhoods

*Please Note: nominee(s) may have demonstrated investment in their community that do not appear on this list.